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The Hang Glider Poet
Off Season
On The Boardwalk
Along The Charles River

The Unveiling
In The House Of The Fixer & The Poet

Letter To The Grass Moving Outside
Lament For Auric

The Red Tide
‘The Whole Trailer Went Up Into The Sky”

The Lawyer
Toward The Arkansas River
South Dakota Floods

The Hungarian Mission To Tungsram
Sweet Briar Lake
Atlantic Gallery
A One-Woman Show In Mt. Airy
Enter, Gregory
Ad For A Lost Cat
Revelation In Mt. Kisco

The Chemical Explosion
Truly Talks Heat & Fire

Life Is A Movie Sometimes
Postcard From Croton

Summer Visitor
Raking Leaves
The History Teacher
The Emperor’s New Words
The Journalist

The Hero
O Promise Me

CHORDS: A Sequence Poem

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